Fishidy: A Social Network for Anglers

There’s Facebook for friends.  There’s Twitter for celebrities.  There’s Instagram for retro photos.  And then there’s Fishidy.   Have you heard of it?  If so, read no further, you already know how great of a tool it is for technologically-advanced anglers.  If you have no idea what it is, read on.

 What is Fishidy?

Fishidy is a fishing social network, according to them.  It is a compilation of tips and valuable information to help anglers catch more fish through social interaction.  It offers a free subscription where users can choose their favorite waterways complete with standard contour lines, they can mark their own waypoints, and mark their own catches.  It allows you to take photos of your catches and keep records of parameters like weather information, lure type, depth information, etc.  Users can also join groups of friends and share their information.  The sharing of information can be chosen to friends, friends of friends, everyone, or completely private.  The premium subscription (available in monthly subscriptions, yearly subscriptions, or anything in between) opens up a lot of features on the map like vegetation maps, and bottom structure.  There are also fishing forecasts, tips, and business profiles to peruse.
The Fishidy Map (Premium Subscription)
The Fishidy Map (Premium Subscription)

 Where can I find Fishidy?

 You can access Fishidy on any platform!  You can access it on any web browser, iOS device, Android device, or through Amazon Apps.  I use a number of these platforms to access my account and haven’t had a problem with any of them.  It is good to note that most all features are available on the iPhone as is online, too.  Many times a mobile app is a condensed version of what a regular site can provide but not in this case.
Fishidy Waterway Map on iOS (Premium Subscription)
Fishidy Waterway Map on iOS (Premium Subscription)
Fishidy Main Menu on iOS
Fishidy Main Menu on iOS

Why Fishidy?  

Everyone will have different reasons but I will tell you what makes it so useful to me.  As anglers, we are inundated with new technology.  Everyone has to have their own system and make certain things work for them.  What works for me, is being able to choose a spot that I think will hold fish on certain situations and then I’ll use my boat’s GPS to get me there.  Then, I’ll keep records of all of my catches as well as photos, if I choose.  It allows me to keep records of where I caught it, weather conditions, what lure, depth, water temp, and any notes I may have.  This is useful stuff that I can analyze at a later date.  What works for you may be completely different.  Of course, there’s always that possibility to have friends join your group and start a bragging board.  What could be better than that?!
Check it out for yourself at:

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