Aerospace Protectant 303: Sunscreen for your Kayak

Lets face it, we pay a lot for everything these days.  Our boats, fishing gear, tow vehicles, trailers, etc. all cost money.  They are also subjected to some of the harshest punishment we can throw at them.  Our gear sits outside in the sun for hours, days, weeks, sometimes months at a time.  If you’re like me and want your investment protected and looking new, Aerospace Protectant 303 from Golden Eagle is for you.

IMG_0482I first learned of Aerospace 303 Protectant from a fellow pilot.  To make aircraft as light as possible, plastic is used in the interior whenever possible.  That plastic can also warp and crack if care is not taken to block the sun from entering the cabin through the windows.  It also gives whatever surface you spray and wipe down a nice glossy, clean look.  I began thinking about all of the potential uses; covers, vehicle parts, and last but not least, keeping my kayak protected.

One pet peeve of mine is getting a brand new kayak or boat and then watching the colors face and upholstery beaten up by the sun.  Even when special care is taken and the boats covered, exposure from use eventually renders what was once new, looking dull and dirty.  It took about two summers to turn my very first kayak from a “sky blue” marbled color to a very light blue and white marble.  When I spent five times as much money on my fishing kayak, I wanted to protect it and looking as good as the day it was delivered.  Enter Aerospace Protectant 303.

I used the boat for about a month before I gave it a good thorough wash and then dried it.  I sprayed the protectant on and then wiped it dry.  Gold Eagle will advise you to buff until dry otherwise it will not evaporate without it being buffed.  I love the look of a dark surface that has been sprayed and wiped down.  As you can see in the photo, dark colors really show off the product well.

Bow sprayed with Aerospace Protectant 303
Bow sprayed with Aerospace Protectant 303

But what about light colors?  Here’s where it gets a little trickier but you can certainly tell if the product was sprayed and wiped down evenly.  Since this protectant protects against UV rays, repels dust and dirt, resists staining of surfaces, etc. water will bead up on the vehicle.  This is also handy to know when you should reapply the protectant to any surface.  Eventually the glossy look will fade but it will still block UV rays.  But if a surface becomes wet and water doesn’t bead up like it once did, it’s time to hit it again.

It is also important to note that results are best when the product is applied out of direct sunlight.

I’ve been using Golden Eagle’s products for years of trouble-free protection and highly recommend the Aerospace Protectant 303 for your boat, kayak, vehicle, or any other surface that is subjected to UV rays and potential staining.  You can find these products at car care centers, marine supply outlets, or online retailers such as  Give them a try.  Protect your investment and keep surfaces looking brand new!

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