Recap: KATS Midwest Tournament – Kent Lake

Don’t let the nice sunrise photo fool you…it was cold, rainy, windy, and any other kind of Michigan Spring-curse word you can think of.  A couple days prior it was 70 in the metro Detroit area and I had a blast fishing a couple different area lakes but overnight Friday a cold front moved through bringing heavy downpours, northwest winds, and temps that struggled to make 50.
With less than ideal conditions I fully expected a struggle to get bit. Alas, the full moon and spawning season to save the day.

The water temps dropped so I knew finding warmer water was key to finding aggressive fish and I had a few places in mind.  A few fish took my crankbait offering but the most important bit of information came within my first dozen casts and I can definitely say it was the first time this happened.  I cast out a squarebill and no sooner did it hit the surface, a small aggressive male decided it was best served as a topwater bait and hit it immediately.  The fish told me what they wanted and I gave it to them.  The remainder of my bites that day came on a Strike King Sexy Dawg Jr.  Gotta love those days when all you need is one bait and one rod.  What is more exciting than a violent topwater bite during a tournament?!

I struggled to find those large fish that would put me over the edge despite leading the tournament well over the first half.  With an hour left to go before weigh-in, I had a quality fish jump and miss my bait.  What a humbling experience to put yourself in the right place, at the right time, with the right bait, and by luck, having that “kicker fish” hit and miss.  Either way, my sack was good for seventh place scoring eight out of the 30 fish I caught that day.  In those conditions, I’ll be happy with my 79″ total because it could have been a lot worse.


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