KATS Midwest – Lansing Recap

…I had a terrible first day on Lake Ovid. Sadly, the tournament is only one day.

Summer weather patterns have finally made their way to Michigan and that means high humidity, warmer air temps which means warmer water temps. It also means some frustrating days on the water and today was no exception. Yesterday we had one heck of a cold front move through and it brought some heavy rain so I think everyone anticipated a tough bite on Saturday.

I rigged and re-rigged my rods with the basics. My indecision on which baits to throw was solely due to the fact that I had never fished Lake Lansing or Lake Ovid before and the cards were stacked against those that hadn’t. I did my research, viewed photos, read reports, and studied charts. Alas, it wasn’t enough to shake the fish-funk brought on by cooler temps and a stirred up lake.

I never did find the right bait/color combination or piece together a pattern of where the fish were and what they wanted. I caught fish shallow, I caught fish deep, I caught fish in cover, I caught fish roaming….it didn’t make sense and kept us guessing.

I caught seven fish; two were above the mandated 14″ submission restriction. I won’t make excuses because the winner fished Lake Ovid with a total of over 87″ for five fish so there are bigger fish in there and they were willing to bite. However, there were a lot of small fish caught. That was the general consensus leading me to believe a definite imbalance of some sort. My suspicions were validated as a local mentioned in the last five years there was a huge die-off. As long as the lake stays healthy, there will be some monsters in years to come!

I managed to submit 30.25″ of fish awarding me my worst finish of the year; 20th place out of 30. I’ve been able to put together so many great days on the water it’s hard to be upset with today. Instead, I’m going to learn from the experience, learn from others, and consider myself familiar with a new body of water for the next time.  The worst part is there’s a long way until September 24th when KATS Midwest fishes Cass Lake near Keego Harbor, Michigan.  You can bet I’ll be ready to get out there and redeem myself in the hunt for AOY points.


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