Saltwater Electric Chicken

Sometimes I wish the flies tied were actually live critters and this is certainly one is one of them I’d like to see in the wild.  The Electric Chicken refers to a bright pink and chartreuse plastic color pattern that is used to attract panfish but it also works in stained water for Redfish.  Whether it’s mistaken for a shrimp or minnow is really irrelevant.  The most important thing to know is it work very, very well.

Start the thread directly behind the eye of the hook and make two or three turns before snipping off the tag end.  Here, small brass eyes are used as Reds in shallow water will be the target.  If you wish to get the fly down quicker and deeper, go up a size in the eye.  Secure the dumbbell eyes to the shank of the hook leaving a little room between the eyes and the eye of the hook.  Once secure, wrap behind the eyes.


Taking a single strand of flash, double it over and cut it twice leaving four ends of the flash pointed toward the back of the fly.  I’ll tie this on first while working the thread slightly into the bend of the hook.

Next, take a zonker strip whose leather is approximately the length of the hook shank.  Tie it in with the hair-side down (which will be toward the top of the fly) completely extending between the eyes and the hook bend  When completed, this fly will ride with the hook point-up.  Make tight wraps securing the zonker to the hook shank and hit the thread with some super glue.  End with the thread at the tie in point and tie in the medium cactus chenille.


Make wraps of thread all the way between the eye of the hook and the brass eyes.  Taking the chenille, stroke the fibers back with each touching turn.  When you get to the brass eyes, make one turn over the eyes and end at the hook eye.  This is where you’ll capture the chenille with your thread and snip it off close.  Make two or three turns of thread before giving it a double three-turn whip finish.  Trim out any stray fibers of chenille and then snip the thread close.  You may choose to finish the fly with some super glue but the double whip-finish ensures a tight knot.

Trim the flash slightly longer than the zonker strip and what you’re left with is an easy and effective redfish fly. Adding a weed guard is optional but can be done, if required.  Since this is a lighter version of the fly, it was left off.


Materials Used

Hook: Tiemco 800S Size 6

Eyes: Small Brass Eyes

Thread: UTC 140 – Fl. Pink

Tail: Chartruse Zonker Strip

Body: Medium Cactus Chenille – Salmon

Flash: Yellow/Pearl Krystal Flash

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