Nicholl’s Peanut Allergy

Most streamer junkies know the history of Russ Maddin’s “Circus Peanut” fly and Kelly Galloup’s “Peanut Envy” which is a variation of the original.  Taking things a step further while scaling down, this fly incorporates some of the original materials but on a much smaller non-articulated scale.  The idea was to create a fly that was easy to cast, imitates a small brook trout, but still has a bulky profile for those days where the larger streamers just aren’t getting the job done.

Start the thread just behind the cone and work it rearward to the bend of the hook.  Taking the lighter shade of marabou, it is tied in all the way to the cone before taking the thread back to the tie-in point.

Taking two strands of flashabou, it is tied in on the nearside of the hook shank and then doubled up and tied in on the far side.  To trim it, all strands should extend just past the marabou.  Then, take the darker marabou and tie it in directly over top of the other.  Tying in the marabou forward ensures a bulkier fly, as show in the second photo, above. Do NOT discard the rest of the marabou stem as it’ll be used in a later step.

Tie in the wire about half way down the hook shank and then bring the thread rearward, again.

Return the thread, once again, to the tie in point of the tail and dub a semi-tapered noodle with the rusty brown laser dub and create a slight carrot-shape body moving forward.  It is important to make sure the dubbing goes on tightly for durability.  End at the cone with the body being about the same diameter as the cone.

Select a saddle hackle that is long but with some fluff at the bottom.  Tie the stem in so when palmered, the fibers will rest rearward creating a nice angle as seen above.  Make two full wraps with the hackle in front and then make “barber pole” wraps rearward.  Capture the hackle with the wire and make counter wraps forward to the thread.  Capture the wire and “helicopter” off the wire.


Make a nice flat spot with the thread between the hackle and cone.  Then, select three strands of flashabou and tie them in on either side of the fly.  Trim them approximately as long as the prior tail strands and discard the excess.

Taking the excess marabou saved in the beginning, strip some fibers off of the quill and tie them in behind the cone.  The tips of the fibers should reach half way down the tail of the fly.  This step can be repeated twice to ensure even coverage across the sides and top of the fly.  Trim out the butt ends of the marabou fibers.


Take some brown laser dub and tie in a small amount that extends back half way into the tail, fold it over, and tie in the rest, snugly.  Do the same on the bottom of the fly except with rusty brown laser dub.



Finish off the fly with a couple of four-turn whip finishes and trim out the thread.  To groom the fly, wet your fingers and work all of the materials rearward.


For those times where a regular peanut won’t do and you need less, try the Peanut Allergy.


Materials Used

Thread: UTC 140 – Olive

Hook: Streamer Hook – Size 4, 4XL

Cone: Medium – Silver

Tail: Marabou – Tan and Brown

Body Dubbing: Rusty Brown Senyo Laser Dub

Hackle: Saddle Hackle – Brown

Wire: UTC Ultra Wire – Small, Gold

Flash: Flashabou – Holographic Copper

Head: Brown Senyo Laser Dub

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