Gear Review: Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout Fly Line

Call me crazy but I liked the Sharkwave line of fly lines that Scientific Anglers offered a few years back. I vividly remember the first trip to the river with the WF5 line and how different it felt and sounded. I get it wasn’t for everybody. In fact, in recent years, the rough texture has been dialed down quite a bit indicated that it wasn’t for most people. To the other extreme, SA has created a completely smooth textured premium line that not only feels just as great, but the coating actually rejuvenates itself the more it is used. And it’s not witchcraft. To my surprise, this new line doesn’t make me miss the Sharkwave texture as much.

The Amplitude Smooth line incorporates AST Plus additive that’s impregnated into the coating of the fly line. What does that mean for you? Five times less drag between the line and the water surface and up to eight times the durability of traditional lines. The more you use it, the better it gets. But will you notice a difference?

Absolutely. Especially with floating lines. After a full day of fishing with some lines, you notice the line doesn’t float as well. That is because water is being absorbed by the coating of the line and even nylon leaders and tippet will absorb water. With the new Amplitude Smooth Trout line, it’ll float high all day long with no degradation in performance.

How about cast-ability, visibility, memory, etc. Those of you who have fished SA lines will continue to be impressed. This line is a true 5 weight that loads medium and fast-action rods extremely well, the decrease in drag means better/easier mending, and even when the line is on the spool too long, pulling it taught will take the memory right out of it.

Who will benefit from the new offering? Anglers that fish and fish often will get more than their money’s worth out of it. It’s not cheap or fun to purchase new fly line every year. But with the increase in durability, I can easily see not having to replace this line for two or three years; easily, for those angler who like to really use and abuse their stuff. For the angler that goes out a couple times per year, this may last them a decade or more.

Whether you’re casting dries, emergers, or doing some light nymphing, this line is definitely worth casting. In fact, we recommend it with all of our fiberglass rods from the 3 weight up through 6 weight. Head to your local fly shop or visit for more information.

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