The Hairy Henny Nymph

With the shortest day of the year and beginning of winter, spring will be just around the corner. Ok. Maybe not. But that doesn’t stop me from getting ready for the warmer season. For those days where a Hendrickson hatch might occur but never does (which happened all Spring last year) here is a nymph that may do just the trick.

Since the Henny is a larger fly, I’ll tie this on a large jig hook and a large gold tungsten bead with the main idea of it serving as my point fly in a euro rig. It’s a really quick tie so lets get started.

I’ll secure the hook in the vise after sliding the bead on. Then, count seven wraps of .015″ lead-free wire on and make sure it’s pushed all the way up to the bead.

Start the thread right behind the wire wraps and then trim off the tag end. Make securing wraps forward through the wire and then towards the bend of the hook. It’s a good idea to test how solid the bead is. It shouldn’t move or wiggle at all. If it is, back off your thread and start over. The wire and thread should securely hold everything in place.

Take a generous number of light pheasant tail fibers and strip them from the stem. Making sure the tips are aligned, taking two loose wraps around them on top of the hook shank and adjust them to length. For the purpose of movement, I like them to be the length of the hook shank so they undulate in the current. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, make tight wraps up to the back of the wire and then trim off the rest of the fibers. You should notice a gradual taper moving from the rear to the front of the fly.

Move the thread forward to just behind the bead and then tie in your krystal flash. Again, the better the taper of the body, the better your fly will look. End with the thread just at the bend of the hook where the tail tie-in point is. Dub a slim noodle on to the thread and being to make wraps up to the bead. Everyone’s body preference is different but I like to make a slimmer body which gets the nymph down to the bottom quicker. Once the thread is just behind the bead, take the krystal flash and being counter-wrapping it. I prefer four evenly-spaced segments that ends right at the bead. Capture the flash with a couple securing wraps of thread and trim the excess.

Using pink ice dub, make a tight noodle that’s about 1.5″ long and make wraps just behind the bead. There shouldn’t be any space between the bead and hot spot.

Making a 5-6 turn whip finish and snip the thread close to the head. If you don’t prefer a spiky fly, you can trim off the guard hairs in the body.

Materials Used

Hook: Firehole Sticks Jig, Size 14

Bead: Slotted Tungsten, 3.8mm Gold

Thread: Vevus 8/0 Pink

Tail: Light Pheasant Tail

Body: Hairline Dubbin – Natural

Hot Spot: Pink Ice Dub

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