The Drunk and Disorderly

In the myriad of creative and unusual streamer names comes the Drunk and Disorderly.  If you've seen the action of this fly under water and compare that to the local bar district on the weekend, you'll get it. The complex nuances of this fly all add up to the action it was created for.  Being … Continue reading The Drunk and Disorderly

Nicholl’s Peanut Allergy

Most streamer junkies know the history of Russ Maddin's "Circus Peanut" fly and Kelly Galloup's "Peanut Envy" which is a variation of the original.  Taking things a step further while scaling down, this fly incorporates some of the original materials but on a much smaller non-articulated scale.  The idea was to create a fly that … Continue reading Nicholl’s Peanut Allergy